Chicken Tikka Matka Biryani


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” The chicken was tender and it had a nice smoky flavour. The rice was well prepared, long and not sticking to each other. The taste was predominantly spicy but it was balanced extremely well with the rice. The portion size was extremely filling. The Matka gave a nice flavour.” -Aashna Parrikar


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Served in Matka /Handi, our Matka Biryanis take biryanis to the next level. The biryani is cooked & layered in the matkas, absorbing the earthly flavour that gives you the most wholesome biryani. It can easily serve two people.

Chicken Tikka Biryani is one of the richest Mughlai recipes.  Chicken breast is marinated in a red chili and yogurt mix and cooked on a tandoor, which is later used in rice preparation and garnished with cashews , fried onions and corianders.


How much delivery time will my order take?

Order typically takes 30-45 minutes depending on your order size and delivery radius.

Is my order safe?

Yes ! Absolutely. Only 3 members of our staff handle the food and everyone working is regularly temperature checked and sanitized.

Can I customize my order?

Absolutely ! You can either type up your instructions online or you can give us a call after you have placed an order.

What If I don’t like my order?

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for us. If any case you aren’t satisfied with your order, reach out to us and we will look to resolve it either through a new order or credit you the entire amount.



“Excellent biryani . Chicken Tikka biryani and raita were very very tasty & well cooked with juicy flavor. Excellent food very nice service.

– Chetan Patil

“This is the second time we ordered chicken biryani, and it was superb and delicious. Good work team and keep going.”

– Reena Rawat

“I am now turning into a loyal Belly Darbar customer as they never fail to mesmerize me with their biryanis.”

– Nitin Bhardwaj


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